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Our Mission: Connecting You With Your School

LetsLocalise's mission is to help local people come together to support schools and solve social challenges. How do we intend to do that? By combining the best things about community activism with the organisational power of an online platform.

Our platform uses advanced technology not previously available to schools to create new connections between schools and communities. By their design, they seek to make those connections durable and reinforcing and, in the process, build deeper, more sustained engagement.

LetsLocalise is an intuitive system that is easy to use and goes way beyond existing systems that tend simply to facilitate school-parent communications. LetsLocalise will help schools meet the new Ofsted requirement to deliver richer, deeper pupil personal development programmes and help identify and maximise opportunities that can ease pupils out of typical problems facing young people, such as screen addiction, obesity and loneliness.

We believe that neighbourhood action is part of the answer to these challenges. With all our features, LetsLocalise helps any community-minded person get involved with local schools through volunteering or fundraising. We also believe that the act of helping can bring wider benefits to the community as a whole. It can provide community purpose, create new friendships, break cycles of isolation for adults and help local businesses to contribute to the life of the communities they live in. We passionately believe that in striving to make a difference for our country's children, we can also improve our lives, working together as a community.

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The LetsLocalise Story: Who We Are

Support local school

LetsLocalise, founded in Berkshire in Nov 2018 is a technology start-up that aims to reduce significantly the gap between schools' current constrained resources and their full financial and human resource needs by connecting them with the untapped volunteer capacity, skills, expertise and experience available in local communities.

The seed of the idea called LetsLocalise was planted by two secondary school students. In 2016, as they started their secondary school, they were overwhelmed by the scale of the funding shortages and their impact on students. These ranged from lack of books to reduced enrichment trips to outdated school equipment to irregular supply of cover teachers.

They explored avenues to raise support for their school by conducting more than 1,000 interviews and surveys. It was clear that there is a deep well of goodwill in the community and a desire among many to help schools actively with skills, expertise and donations. All it needed was a way of connecting the goodwill to the requirements of schools. The founders then put together a plan and built a digital platform where teachers and schools could tap into community support and pledge their time and money. Now, we're open to every state school in the UK.

If you're interested in LetsLocalise, or want to join the team, get in touch at info@letslocalise.co.uk

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The LetsLocalise Team

Gaurav Garg

I am a passionate futurist who brings cross-sectoral experience in managing and delivering large, complex, innovative products with international teams. Having graduated from Chicago Booth and worked with marquee names like Goldman Sachs and Emirates during my 20+ years, I relish building revolutionary products and ideas from nothing.

Why LetsLocalise

We have all heard that ideas are dime a dozen but it is not often that we come across an idea that is so revolutionary and yet so foundational. We are using advanced technology to take a problem of wasted resources in communities and transform these into a solution for schools. In the process, building a vibrant and connected communities to fulfil our dream of positively impacting more than 1 million children.

Divya Garg

Serial Entrepreneur and a compassionate Health Care professional with deep experience in managing Community and Corporate Wellness programs. I have experienced first-hand the tremendous positive impact that community programs have on individuals and how it can reduce pressure on public sector.

Why LetsLocalise

I strongly believe, 'Every problem either has a solution or it presents an opportunity to create one.' For me it is a very special opportunity - An opportunity to create a brighter future and make a social impact by facilitating community to work as a team to nurture local schools for various school needs.

Phil Murphy

A political, communications and stakeholder management professional, I spent 15 years as a political journalist before entering the world of politics and becoming a special advisor to the then Prime Minister, Tony Blair. In the past 15 years I worked in government relations and stakeholder management roles in the upstream oil and gas sector.

Why LetsLocalise

Like all great breakthrough products, the LetsLocalise model is remarkably simple yet it has all of the potential to become the blueprint for connecting hard-pressed schools to much needed resources. I believe it will become the standard framework for enabling schools and their teaching teams to reach their highest ambitions.

Brigadier (Retd) Rufus Mcneil OBE

Experienced transformation and business change leader. I spent 21 years in the British Army leading soldiers on operations around the world and worked in the complex cross-Government Department environment of Whitehall. My private sector career has seen me work with large multi-nationals such as Babcock and DHL Supply Chain leading customer strategy and business-wide transformation.

Why LetsLocalise

I am passionate about the aims of LetsLocalise. Linking schools strongly to the communities they serve helps broaden students and prepares them for a more connected and fulfilling life after education. It also brings valuable skills, experience and resources into schools to allow them to best support their students. The result is a stronger, more vibrant and engaged local community, which benefits everyone.

Meenal Bhosale

A big data, advance analytics and artificial intelligence evangelist with 15+ years of experience. I have worked with multi-national companies helping them design digital platform strategy and advance analytics solutions. Her speciality includes deep learning, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Why LetsLocalise

The endeavour that Lets Localise Team has under taken has far more reach than just connecting schools and volunteers. I see them shaping our next generation and in turn helping make this world a better place to live. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to work with such a passionate team.

Pran Patel

Pran Patel has 14+ years of teaching experience working recently as an assistant principal. He has an interesting career in leadership; leading standards; behaviour management; professional development and curriculum. His NPQSL project was to lead whole-school coaching and as a mental health and BAME advocate, he recently featured in a documentary 'Why teaching is making me ill' and 'Black teachers are leaving the profession due to racism'. He is a self-professed, outward-facing leader. He recently did a TEDx talk at Norwich and specialises in: Mental health and teacher wellbeing & Diversity and inclusion.

Why LetsLocalise

Awesome - One word that describes the potential of LetsLocalise in this era of funding crunch for the schools. The passion, drive and commitment of the founders stands out as a major reason why I am here with them.

Steve Bogg

Steve has worked in education for 18 years and has significant experience within his field. Having worked as a Headteacher and Vice Principal of a Multi Academy Trust he has spent the past 4 years working within school improvement for both Bracknell Forest and more recently Swindon. He is a trained Ofsted Inspector and is currently leading a team of educationalists to improve outcomes for children across the Primary sector.

Why LetsLocalise

Being a school improvement officer, I experience first-hand the challenges that schools face on daily basis. When Gaurav first introduced LetsLocalise concept to me, I was immediately attracted to its massive potential of growth and impact on our society and schools.

Shashi M B

A product enthusiast who goes into minute detail to ensure rich user experience for all customers. Shashi carries with him 20+ years of experience in product development at various product companies including Oracle.

Why LetsLocalise

Community Giving is something very close to my heart. With LetsLocalise, people like me can easily pledge their time and money to schools of their choice. Not only does this benefit the school, but it also helps the pledger in spending quality time with students and other like-minded individuals. More importantly, students get motivated by all the good work happening around them which could be a turning point to make them a philanthropist. I am very excited to be part of a team that enables community-giving.

Suhas B S

A technology enthusiast, a developer working to get the best digital experience on to the market. Experienced in UI/UX development, desktop application development, graphic designing.

Why LetsLocalise

Letslocalise is an interesting product keeping the community closer. Platform benefiting children who are the future adults is one of the best steps a platform can take. Technologies are of many forms helping everyone. I believe Letslocalise is one of that form.

Gergely Andras

A driven Team Manager with an outstanding record in developing professional relationships through an understanding of customer motivations and personalities. An industrious leader with extensive change management experience, who thrives in high pressure working environments. Delivers team success by looking at the big picture and then drilling down on the finer details in order to meet the demands of the customer and the business as a whole.

Why LetsLocalise

The unique idea of LetsLocalise just makes perfect sense. It is a brilliant tool for schools that brings fundraising activities, volunteer recruitment and a lot more under one roof. Being a part of such a great initiative is a hugely excitement opportunity.

Alice Murphy

I have worked in promotions for five years and have represented a diverse number of well-known brands including Ford, PepsiCo, Dior Parfums, and Pandora. I am an efficient communicator and I am very excited to bring my energy and enthusiasm to working with the LetsLocalise team.

Why LetsLocalise

I had hoped to find a project to work on that would allow me to use my skills and experience to make a positive change - and LetsLocalise goes above and beyond to do just that! It is a pleasure to be a part of an initiative that combines such a powerful idea with a hardworking and dedicated team.

LetsLocalise Advisory Board

John Bessant

John Bessant, Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the University of Exeter, has been active in the field of technology and innovation management for over 35 years. In 2003 he was elected a Fellow of the British Academy of Management. He has authored 30 books. Further, he has acted as advisor to various national governments and international bodies including the United Nations, the World Bank and the OECD.

Why LetsLocalise

What would you give for your child to have the best educational experience? For most of us the answer is simple - a great deal. And we understand that, in the words of an old African proverb, 'it takes a village to raise a child'. The power of the LetsLocalise approach is that it builds on the growing idea of platforms as a way of organising communities and building an effective ecosystem. It's a great idea and a powerful role model for a new approach to building supportive communities.

Prof. Srinivasan

Srinivasan R is Professor of Strategy, and Chairperson - Executive Education Programmes at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore. He is a visiting professor at the Chair of Information Systems (Innovation and Value Creation), Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany. His current research focuses on studying platform business models; leading digital transformations in rapid growth firms; and strategic decision making in top management teams. He closely works as advisor and researches on a variety of firms that create and operate platform business models.

Why LetsLocalise

I have been associated with Letslocalise since the idea was born in an unrelated video call with the founders. The passion with which the team is leading the fight against teenage obesity, social isolation, and meaningful learning is infectious. I am sure the platform Letslocalise will bring together many more stakeholders and create sustained value to everyone - schools, parents, students, communities, businesses, governments, and society in general. Wishing them all the very best.

Rajiv Aggarwal

Rajiv Aggarwal, an Angel investor and an architect by profession has been involved with World Bank and the Asian Development Bank, for nearly 30 years, as an international education consultant. His assignments have included early childhood education, primary and higher secondary education to university education in as many as 14 countries across the world. He has helped various nations in developing inclusive building designs responding to the issues affecting education environment arising from the ever-changing technology and provided comprehensive solutions including training of students and teachers.

Why LetsLocalise

I am greatly impressed by LetsLocalise's endeavor to encourage societies to utilise their vast resources, which mostly remain untapped, to arouse students' dormant talent and at the same time fulfill the shortages experienced by schools. This endeavor of creating synergies will not only result in a harmonious and inclusive society, it also has a great potential to generate some world leaders and champions.

Kathrin M. Moeslein

Kathrin M. Moeslein, Professor and Chair of Information Systems, esp. Innovation & Value Creation at the FAU School of Business, Economics and Society and Vice President of the Friedrich-Alexander-Universitat Erlangen-Nurenberg (FAU), Professor of Management at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management and Academic Director of HHL's Center for Leading Innovation & Cooperation (CLIC). EIASM VP, EURAM Fellow and president-elect.

Why LetsLocalise

I am impressed by the committment and energy of the letslocalise team to bridge between schools, their communities and stakeholders. Aiming for quantum leaps in collaboration and resource allocation is the right step towards better education and learning experiences.

Raj Kesarimall

With more than 25 years of experience in the Information Technology and Services industry, Raj is a seed and an early stage investor. He has successfully co-founded organizations which have grown from an idea to multi location, multi product professional outfits. Over the years he has handled a variety of responsibilities and currently is engaged in digitizing cash payments across emerging economies.

Why LetsLocalise

What attracted me to LetsLocalise is the passion and sincerity of the founding team to build a powerful platform helping schools in connecting with businesses, individuals and communities in a simple and effective way. LetsLocalise will revolutionize the way schools supplement their resources to meet their objectives and build better societies.

Intellectual Sponsors:

The Forest School

Wildridings Primary School

Oakbank School

Manor Green School

Birch Hill Primary School

John Madejski Academy

Uplands Primary School