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Mindset Coach & Mental Health/Wellbeing Champion

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Subject:   Wellbeing
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Live Stream

The Every Teacher Matters Network Meeting via Zoom - 14th May at 7.30pm This is a COVID-19 special meet up and all colleagues far and wide are welcome! We will be raising awareness around bereavement that our pupils and colleagues will be dealing with, traumas or adverse experiences that our pupils may be affected by whilst at home, alongside taking care of yourselves through mindfulness and meditation. The Every Teacher Matters Network is the first of its kind for teachers, educational staff and senior leaders in education. The network aims to help and support a community of like-minded professionals from the region to make health and well-being our priority. Together we will learn, share and gain a sense of belonging as we learn to withstand the challenges of the teaching profession. I am a former head teacher turned well-being coach and mental health champion. I have a passion for people and social cause, with a deeper passion for personal development and mindset evolution. I assist teachers and school leaders with improving their performance by addressing how they can achieve life/work balance. Through 1:1 coaching, personal development sessions and mental health/well-being training, which lead to clarity, direction and fulfillment. Approaching your teaching role or leadership role with a positive outlook, through making positive lifestyle changes improves morale, confidence and knowledge. The teaching profession is a demanding one, well-being and mental health training and development ensures that one is not only able to survive the challenges but also thrive.

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Suneta Bagri


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