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At LetsLocalise we think that all schools should have the opportunity to seek community support for inspirational projects, annual events, new facilities and volunteers. We enable your parents, alumni and local community to pledge time and money through UK's only community-pledging digital platform for multiple schools. We also make it easy for you to share information, celebrate success and build genuine engagement in helping your school succeed.

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Pledge a Minute

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There is evidence that schools that collaborate with their pupils' parents and the broader community demonstrate higher level of student achievements than schools that do not build strong relationships with community.

LetsLocalise helps you create events which the community can pledge their time and energy to support, whether that be specific practical skills you need or just willing and enthusiastic hands to help make events a success.

Expert Time

With Expert Time, members of the community can share their unique skill-sets, experiences and expertise with local school children. Schools are always seeking people who can help students learn about important topics. These could range from careers advice or financial management to personal advice on, say, dental hygiene or obesity management. LetsLocalise will match the schools' need with the experts in the local community through our Talent Pool feature.

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Pledge a Penny

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LetsLocalise is changing the face of pledging in schools. We have reduced the minimum pledge amount to 10p a day to convert the burden of pledging into the satisfaction of pledging. The platform makes it transparent on where and how the pledged amount is being spent and it makes that vital direct link between the money and the activity that benefits children. This is achieved as the campaigns are written by school admins or class teachers so that they are designed to have the highest positive impact on pupils.

LetsLocalise also makes it easy for you to share updates on progress and create success stories that create a shared sense of achievement between you and the support community. This in turn makes it more likely you will attract support for future events, making a virtuous circle of contribution and achievement.

We make it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need, moving us closer to a nation where students in every community have the support, tools and experiences they need to grow into a well-rounded personality. The service is funded by our taking a small percentage of each corporate or individual pledge.

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Work With School

Headteachers have told us how challenging it can be to find good staff to support critical activities and we know schools spend a significant amount of time and money on filling their permanent and temporary staff positions. Government estimates suggest that schools spend more than £600 million per year on supply teacher and teaching job advertisements. LetsLocalise will allow schools to post these vacancies for free and reach out to wider community networks.

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Corporate Connect

Support local school

A key aim of LetsLocalise is to bring support, expertise and investment from companies into our schools. At a time of constrained resources in the state sector, schools can benefit hugely from relationships with business - particularly local businesses. Companies can support individual school projects that match their values, offer their employees' volunteering time, put up experts to explain the world of work to pupils and direct their Corporate Social Investment funds in a structured way, guaranteed to bring benefits to our schools.

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