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Organised By: Theale Green School, West Berkshire.
Location: Theale Green School - Reception
Donate old iPads, Chromebooks or Laptops
About this campaign

We recognise that not all students have the means to easily access online learning due to economic circumstances and competing for hardware with parents working from home. The recent Government initiative to provide IT hardware to families who are struggling financially unfortunately will not provide us with enough to furnish each family who we know would value some support. Accordingly, we are asking if there are any families who could donate old iPads, Chromebooks or laptops they no longer require. The devices you donate will be provided to families with children within our school community, so that they are able to access our best resources and get immediate support and feedback from our teachers. We are specifically asking for: ●iPad 3s or higher ●Chromebooks ●Laptops capable of running Windows 7 or higher. It is important that any donated devices are cleaned/disinfected, using ethyl or isopropyl alcohol on a soft cloth (follow manufacturers’ recommendations). They need to be in full working order, with working leads and power adapters for laptops and Chromebook (not essential for iPads), and completely reset. We are able to remove existing user accounts and 
check devices over. Owners will need to supply the password to an administrator account if they are Windows laptops. Alternatively, • instructions for resetting an iPad can be found at • Instructions for resetting (‘power-washing’) a Chromebook can be found at • Instructions for resetting a Windows PC can be found at If you are able to help, please email or and we shall get back to you about the logistics of delivering the devices. Thank you in advance if you are able to support this initiative.

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Apr 27, 2020 to Aug 31, 2020
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Donation of iPads, Chromebooks or Laptops
Redstor 08/06/2020
This is a brilliant cause!
AVR International 07/06/2020
Thank you AVR International for supporting TGS
Divya Garg 30/04/2020
There is nothing better than giving a child an opportunity to reach their potential. Happy to help. Good Luck!
Social Dimensions 30/04/2020
I think at this time when kids are away from friends and social network, they should be engaged in educational activities. Many parents cannot afford digital devices for the kids so community should take responsibility to help kids for providing the basics of remote learning.
School Admin 30/04/2020
Thank you for your message. Hopefully with this great new platform and their help we can reach out to many companies and our wider community.

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