Partner With Us

Partner with LetsLocalise to drive the change you want to see!

LetsLocalise offers corporates and businesses the most direct way to make a sustainable social impact!

By partnering with LetsLocalise you can :

  • Support LetsLocalise financially through donations and grants

  • Pledge money and resources to schools

  • Match offer for ongoing fundraising campaigns in schools

  • Match employee giving on LetsLocalise platform

  • Engage your employees in community work at local schools

  • Empower employees to participate in your philanthropy

  • Employee day out in the community to help local schools with event management

  • Empower employees to share technical expertise with students

  • Offer volunteering and Internship opportunities to students

  • Industry visits for students

  • Build your brand locally!!

We connect organisations driven by strong social values with schools seeking:

  • Rich Personal Development Program (PDP) for their pupils

  • Experts to motivate, mentor and inspire learners

  • Alternate channels of financial support to upgrade school facilities and source classroom supplies to enhance learning experience

  • A day filled with laughter and joy for special and disadvantaged students